You May Not Have Gluten Intolerance. You May Have Fructan Intolerance

Millions of people around the world avoid cereals containing gluten, which is placed on a blacklist. Among them is the smallest number of those who suffer from celiac disease and who must really avoid all the foods that this protein contains, even in traces, in order to avoid very unpleasant symptoms.

However, Norwegian scientists believe that their problems are not responsible for gluten, but fruity. It is a group of carbohydrates that can cause digestive disorders in susceptible individuals. Especially those with some inflammatory bowel disease. In addition, fructans are not found only in cereals (wheat, rye, barley), but also in the white and black garlic, chickpeas, dates, plums, dry grapes, and watermelons.

Gluten intolerance or fructan intolerance

The reaction is similar to that seen in people who get lactose allergy after consuming milk and dairy products. Otherwise, the Norwegian study included adults who reported gluten sensitivity. It turned out that with only 16% of these proteins, this protein was responsible for the symptoms they were experiencing. For others, it is supposed that fructans are the main culprits.

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