You Know Onions Are Good For You, But No One Ever Told You Onions Could Do These Miracle Things!

We all know that onions are one of the healthiest and oldest vegetables on the planet.Modern historians, botanists and archeologists can not determine exact place and time of their first cultivation.


This veggie treats many diseases and improves our overall health, despite its specific and characteristic aroma.

The presence of powerful antioxidants such as querecetin, promote health and destroy free radicals. They are also rich in sulfur which has a powerful antibiotic and antiseptic action.

Onion has many beneficial effects, including:

-treat cardiovascular diseases

-treat arthritis

-excellent against diabetes

-regulate high cholesterol levels

Due to its amazing healing properties, onion has been used as a remedy since ancient times.


Prepare peppermint tea and let it cool down. Make a freshly squeezed juice of an onion and take 2 tsp of it. Take 2 tsp of the cold tea after 5 min and then wait for 10 min before you repeat the procedure. Repeat the treatment until you feel better and in 20 min the urges to vomit will be totally gone.


In order to treat cough, cut an onion in halves and then add a tbsp of brown sugar on them, let it stay for 60 min and finally eat this remedy two times a day.

3.Dissolve Chest Congestion

Prepare a paste by using onion and coconut oil. Apply this remedy on your chest and then warm it up with a short and secure it with a towel.


Make a mixture between think onion slice and coconut oil. You should massage your feet with this mixture. Do not forget to apply some slices on your feet arches, secure them and let them act during the night.


Strong antiseptic properties are consisted in the onion skin. You should apply it on the cuts to instantly stop the bleeding.

You can also boil some slice of yellow onion in some water, let it cool down and then drain it in order to treat colic. The child should consume a tsp of this remedy every 60 min until it feel improvements.

6.Ear Pain or Ear Infection

Chop some and onion and then place it on the painful area. You can secure it with a hat or bandage and remove it when the pain is totally gone.

7.Air Purifier

All bacteria and viruses in the air can be killed by onion slices so distribute them all around your home.

The onions can be used also on these several other ways:

–        Prevent rust be cleaning the clothes iron with slices of this veggie

–        Polish copper objects and glasses by using onion slices

–        Boil and spray onion juice to protect your plants from pests and bugs

–        Place onion in clothes in order to prevent moths

–        Prevent insect bites by rubbing onion onto the skin

–        Speed up your hair growth by rubbing onion slices on the scalp.

–        Avoid freckles by massaging onion slices onto your skin

World Health Organization recommends the use of this powerful veggie in the case of congestion, bronchitis, infections, colds, coughs and flu.

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