With The Help of Aluminum Foil Say Goodbye to Pain…See How!

Aluminum foil has a lot of uses that you don’t know about or would never even think of. The perfect example is what is shown and listed below.

aluminium foil pain relief

If you happen to experience any kind of pain within your body such as the neck, knees, arms or even your back you can use some aluminum foil to relieve the pain.

A student of Freud, William Reich describes this ancient practice that was developed by the Russian and Chinese healers; this is also referred to as the work of a psychotherapist. The pain stops with the use of aluminum foil because it sends our biological pain points back to wherever the pain originally derives from. The best effect is achieved depending on the way you set the foil.

How to set the foil?

Simply take a small piece of aluminum foil and cover the area that is causing you pain. You should do this every day for about a week and a half. Leave the foil on for at least 20 minutes or longer and slowly feel the pain just go away. This method has been proven to help with pain of different origin, but it is especially effective for pain associated with arthritis.

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