Wi-Fi: A Silent Killer That Kills Us Slowly

Nowadays, Wi-Fi network gives us opportunity to  use internet whenever we want and wherever we go.

The company producing the mobile phone and  Wi-Fi routers follow certain norms to make these devices harmful for our health, we are not sure if it’s safe to use it. Here are details what impact the wireless device and Wi-Fi routers have on our health.



The question is  what way a device gets conncected with the router without any cables?  The wireless devices like tablet, mobile phones,laptop, are connected to the router with the emission of WLAN signals .

WLAN signals around us are harmful to our overal health. According to the study  routers provide the bad impact on the growth of human being as well as plants.


Frequent strong headaches
Pain in the ears
Lack of concentration
Sleep issues
Chronic fatique

The new technology is an important part of our life, so if you try to suggest someone to stop using wireless phones,Wi-Fi routers , the response will not be in your favor. We should follow some of the precautions to lower the harm it is causing to our health.

To get a relief from the electromagnetic waves for a while, try to use phones with cables when you’re home.
Before bedtime, disconnect the Wi-Fi programs.
Don’t place the router in the bedroom or kitchen as this placement can be more harmful.
By turning off the Wi-Fi when not used, you can protect your growing children from electromagnetic waves.

Follow the tips and avoid the harmful impact of Wi-Fi exposure on your health.

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