Why do Doctors Keep this Simple Recipe away from the Public? Here’s how to get rid of Bunions Completely Natural!

Bunions on the feet are simple salt deposits which are caused by inflammatory conditions and wearing uncomfortable footwear. It’s a very unpleasant and painful problem – people who have them have a hard time finding comfortable shoes to wear.

Why do doctors keep this simple recipe away from the public Here’s how to get rid of bunions completely natural!

Bunions are usually treated surgically, but you should know that there is a natural remedy that can remove them. To do that, you need to clean your body of salt deposits.

Boil 300 ml. of water and chopped bay leaves in a pot for 5 minutes, then pour the tea in a thermos and leave it to stay overnight. In the morning, strain the mixture and drink it during the day.

Repeat the treatment for 7 days, preparing a fresh portion every night. The remedy will increase your need to go to the bathroom – this is a sign that the body is dissolving the salt deposits. You can expect the results in only 10 days.


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