What’s the Hidden Meaning of Your Birthstone?

Due to their beauty and rarity, the gemstones have been appreciated from ancient times. Babylonians and ancient Indians believed that these gems are associated with some unusual and amazing cosmological powers. However, it was the Assyrians who first attached meanings to desired gems in 1400 B.C.


Gemstones are given significant mention in both Old and New Testament of the Bible. For instance, in Exodus, the breastplate of the Jewish high priest had 12 stones in 4 rows of 3. Each of them represented the 12 tribes of Israel. In Revelation at the end of the Bible, St. John describes the 12 gemstones laid in the foundation of the New Jerusalem.

During the first century, Flavius Josephus was the one who connected the gemstones with a corresponding sign of the zodiac. Having the right stone on you each month protected you and ensured assess to magical and healing powers.  The rich and the ones who could afford it collected all 12 stones. Of course, this meant that they are protected during the whole year.

It is believed that the first birthstones listings, which became all the rage in poetry, have been created by some Jewish gem traders in Poland or jewelers in Germany.  Back in 1870, Tiffany & Co., the famous jewelry business, published one of the Gregorian Poems. The gems were matched with months of the year and specific features have been assigned to each of them, respectively.

In 1912, the National Association of Jewelers created a modern list, which has been updated in 1952. Tanzanite was added to the December listing in 2004 and only four years later, the tanzanite cartel suggested giving this stone to every child instead of just to the ones born in December. They came up with the logo “Be Born to Tanzanite.” However, it turns out that this advertisement didn’t really catch on with the public, as most people are still not familiar with tanzanite.

If you are interested to find out more about the gemstone, the lovely piece of Mother Nature`s handwork, read on and discover the qualities of the stones which matches your birth month.

  1. January – Garnet

This stone can be found in every color, except for blue. It can provide directional guidance in darkness and even prevent snakebites and nightmares.  Faith, constancy, and love are its features. People who wear this stone experience increased energy levels, power, and self-image. In addition to this, garnet makes nervous people much calmer.

  1. February – Purple Amethyst

Peace, serenity, royalty, and temperance are the main features of this stone. People who wear it are protected from the effects of drunkenness. In case you haven’t noticed, the Pope always wears an amethyst ring.

  1. March – Pale Blue Aquamarine Gemstones

These stones as well as the blood stone are linked to youth, love, hope, and good health. Wearing this gem can build your courage, make you happier, and re-awaken married love.

  1. April – Diamonds

It is believed that diamonds can ward off insanity. They can be found in various colors, but the eternal love and invincibility are the features they all share.

  1. May – Green Emeralds

Fertility, health, and faithfulness are the main features of the green emeralds. It is believed that its wearers experience improved eyesight.

  1. June – the Cool, Milky Beauty of Pearls or Moonstones

These stones can be found in chocolate, gray, sophisticated black, and the well-known creamy-white color. They are associated with modesty, stable marriage relationship, and chastity.

  1. July – Red Rubies

The red rubies are tokens of peace and harmony. Their beauty is associated with nobility and strength. The people who wear them may attract good company and good luck.

  1. August – Light Green Peridot

This gem has its own special sparkle. Tradition says that people who wear or carry peridot will be able to ward off enchantments, depression, and evil.

  1. September – Sapphire

Sapphire can be found in many colors but it is mainly available in the common blue shades. Purity, wisdom, serenity, loyalty, dignity, and faith are the main features of this stone.

  1. October- Opals and Tourmaline

Both opals and tourmaline are associated with creativity, innocence, and hope. It is also believed that they ward off the wearer from mal-intentioned people and evil.

  1. November- Yellow Topaz and Citrine

Yellow topaz and citrine are linked to strength and healing of the both body and mind. Its wearers are protected with good mental health.

  1. December – Turquoise, Blue Topaz, and Tanzanite

These stones are associated with good life and good fortune. They prevent or cure headaches and ancient practitioners believed that turquoise have the ability to change color when the wearer was in ill.

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