What to Do and What Not to Do If an Insect Gets into Your Ear


Thinking about these types of situations may be disgusting but it is nice to gather all the information you have and know what do should these cases happen to you. In the summer time, there are many insects roaming around and the chances of this to happen are high and the chances are higher when it comes to children as well.

Adults may recognize if something has gotten inside their ear but with children is a little bit more tricky. The good thing is that the ear canal and that area is sensitive and can give off symptoms that you may be able to feel like pain, discomfort, movement or a loud buzzing in the ear.

What to Do

Use olive oil, mineral oil or baby oil and put it in the ear canal. The insect should just float out and you will successfully remove it. remember that if the eardrums are perforated putting oil into the ear is not a good idea since it can cause discomfort, discharge or bleeding. Make sure that the oil you use is slightly warm and use it only in cases of insects not objects.

Another remedy you can use is alcohol. Dip and soak a cotton pad or ball in alcohol and add a few drops in the ear canal. The smell and scent of alcohol will make the insect go out and in the meantime it will disinfect your ear.

You can also clean out everything in your ear including the insect by using a syringe and water in big splashes. This is similar to the ear cleansing technique doctors use.

What Not to Do

Do not put the fingers inside the ear canal since you can irritate the ear canal and the insect inside it which can make the situation even worse.

Do not use any tools or objects like cotton sticks, match sticks or any other sharp objects since they can all cause ear damage.

Do not over-clean your ears. You may think that removing the ear wax completely is good for you but that is wrong. The ear was is there to protect the ear and if you forcefully and vigorously try to remove all of it you may end up with many hearing issues and problems including hearing loss, middle ear damage and you can even push the wax further down that may cause clogging.

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