What The Shape Of Your Mouth Reveals About You

Have you ever wondered what your lips are saying about you? Psychologists found a connection between our character and the shape of our lips.

Small Mouth
People with these kind of mouth are generous and good-natured. If the lips are in the form of a button, the person is interested in all events in the environment,likes to explore, and is a great rebels.

Large Mouth
Your ambitious nature is hidden behind a big mouth. These women love to command. People with a wide smile are mostly surrounded by lots of people and have a lot of friends with different interests. They are very successful, talented, and are perfectionists.

Full Lips
Although women with fuller lips look very sexy, they are greedy, and often emotionally immature. However, the degree of confidence in them is very high.

Thin Lips
Thin lips reveal uncertainty, and sometimes people with inferiority complexes. But these women have the good qualities – they are practical.

Heart Lips
Women with heart-shaped lips are independent, seductive and expressive. They are not afraid of anything and are hedonists.

Low Corners On The Mouth
These women don’t like to share their privacy, are withdrawn and somewhat mysterious. They can be too picky, egocentric and sharp.

You didn’t find yourself in these descriptions. Don’t worry, the most common case is that one lip is more pronounced than the other. If it’s the upper lip, it indicates your main trait is impulsivity, while people with a pronounced lower lip are deceivers.

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