What Doctors Don’t Want You to Know About Graviola

Graviola is an undersized ever green tree where in the stem, seeds, fruit and leaves are being use to make medication. This is also called or known as Annona muricata, a rainforest tree that can be classified under a family of pineapple. Graviola is also known as rain tree, sour soup or pawpaw in Brazil.

This can be found in the belt of Central America extending to South America and some other parts of Brazil. This commonly uses to treat diseases or infection caused by parasite and bacterial like leishmaniasis. This is a disease from parasites transmitted by sand fleas bite, herpes, cancer and cough.



For some who are suffering from arthritis, this is being applied into the skin. This fruit can also be used in beverages and cooking. There is some evidence which states that chemicals from this fruit may prevent or keep the cancer cell in removing drugs for anticancer. This makes the medication work even better. Some of its chemical can directly kill cancer cells. This can also be use if suffering from, cough, parasitic and bacterial infection, inflammation of throat and nose, herpes, and vomiting.


Graviola Side Effects

This is use as therapeutic; the following are some benefits that can be found from graviola:


  • The juice can be use as anti parasitic or deworming agents, as astringent for dysentery and diarrhea, cool fever and increases milk of the mother after giving birth.


  • Crushed seed are used for external and internal parasites, worms and head lice. But the need to conduct research before using is needed especially one study showed that roots and seeds have toxins that may cause Parkinson’s atypical disease.


  • In the region of Amazon, they use the leaves of Graviola to cure stomach disorder and liver.


  • The tea coming from roots leaves and barks are use as antispasmodic or sedative to avoid high blood pressure and calm your nerves.


  • Leaves can cure insomnia and headaches. This also contains antioxidants best known to fight body inflammation.


  • Helps fight abscesses and rheumatism. In Brazil, they use this externally for their arthritis pain and neuralgia.

There are limited graviola side effects that have been noted, like: if taken large amount in one time this may cause vomiting and nausea. There are some researches which states that graviola can kill the nerve cells of the brain and some parts of human are body. According to them this may cause disorders in the movement a lot similar to Parkinson’s illness. Pregnant women are also advised to avoid this because the energy in cells of the fetus may trigger its toxic botanical activity. It was found out that this plant can stimulate a uterus in the study of animal.

The researchers found out that in the poor population this fruit is being use as medicine and food and high number of Parkinson diseases was noted. The famous botanist Leslie Taylor indicated in her book that roots and seeds contain alkaloid which shows neurotoxic effect, that is why she recommended the use of leaves instead.

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