Warts, Dark Spots, Blackheads And Skin Tags Get Rid Of Them In No Time And With Great Effects By Using These Natural Remedies!

Blemishes and warts represent the usual issues from which people suffer. These issues appear due to different reasons and are extremely ugly. Well, now we will give you some tips about the most useful and easy ways of elimination of them in no time.


Skin Tags

Friction from the clothes is the one of the most usual thing why skin tag is created. All you have to do is to put a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and just place it on the part of the body which suffers from this (skin tag). In order to get the most amazing results, you are supposed to do this process a couple of times during the day, you will stop when you notice that they have disappeared.  You may use tree oil as well in the place of ACV in this such a strong treatment. But, you should know that this treatment takes a longer period of time, approximately 10 days.


Human Papilloma Virus or also known under the name HPV is the common reason for the appearance of this problem. These types of warts is very simple to remove, even though there are a bunch of various types of them. It is very easy, put some ACV on the places which are affected of this and after that put over them some tape or bandage. The bandage is supposed to be changed 2 times during the day. You may use duct tape as well when you want to use this treatment and remove the warts. Add some of this on the affected area, leave it like that for 6 days, take off the duct tape, put the affected area in water and at the end use a pumice in order to take it off.


If you want to get rid of the moles then it is very easy just use some garlic and place it on the affected places, but remember the garlic is supposed to be minced, then this process will perform its action for approximately 4 hours per day. You may also use ACV in order to eliminate the moles, however it does not has so many effects.


You should definitely take care and make sure to have the pores clean if you want get rid of the blackheads from your beautiful face. The first step is to open the pores using a steam and after that just clean the face with water. Next, put ACV (100% natural astringent) and at the end a little moisturizer such as coconut oil

Age Spots

Staying way too much on the sun is the biggest reason for the appearance of this problem. The lemon represents an amazing strong fruit which has the role of a bleaching agent, with this being said we tell you that if your wish is to make the dark spots lighter, then just put some juice made of lemon over the skin. Also, before finishing the process put some huge amount of sunscreen.


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