Warning! Toxic Ingredients Found in Your Favorite Dove Products

When Dove launched its ‘Campaign for Real Beauty’ in 2014, its goal was to present a realistic interpretation of female beauty. In the decade that followed, Dove released numerous advertisements depicting women with wrinkles, scars and ‘un-glamorous’ body types.

In other words, Dove put forward quite a good effort to be ‘real’ in an industry most commonly represented by slim, airbrushed models.

Unfortunately, Dove’s dedication to authenticity doesn’t extend to the products that campaign is supposed to market.

In fact, the Unilever-owned company makes products that are just as artificial and toxic as its competitors’.

Today, we’re going to explore three Dove products and discuss their toxicity.

#1 – Daily Moisture Shampoo

Moisturized hair does sound fantastic and it is indeed something you’d want daily. But with Dove’s Daily Moisture Shampoo, you get a lot more than just moisture.

According to Dove’s website, this product contains sodium laureth sulfate. This compound, according to David Suzuki, is often contaminated with ethylene oxide. That, my friend is a possible human carcinogen.

Dove’s Daily Moisture Shampoo also contains cocamidopropyl betaine, a confirmed carcinogen.

#2 – Deep Moisture Body Wash

Our good friend cocamide betaine makes an appearance on the ingredients list of this product. The Deep Moisture Body Wash also contains hydrogenated soybean oil – one of the most genetically modified of all crops in the U.S.

“Wait, that’s not a problem,’ you might be thinking. ‘I mean, I’m not going to actually eat the oil if it’s in a body wash.’

You’re right – the hydrogenated soybean oil in body wash may never make it into your mouth. That’s of little consequence, though, especially since skin easily absorbs chemicals.

That’s not to mention the fact that, by purchasing this product, you’re potentially supporting the growth of genetically modified crop.

Not concerned about that? Don’t worry – there are plenty of other ingredients in Dove’s Deep Moisture Body Wash for you to get upset about.

Take tetrasodium EDTA, for example. Want to increase your risk for cancer and eczema with one simple solution? There’s your solution.

#3 – Dove White Beauty Bar

Oh believe me – I understand how frustrating it is to hear this; I myself have used Dove’s White Beauty Bar. All those moisturizing benefits? They don’t last long, as Christina from XO Vain confirms.

To make matters worse, this product also contains a medley of toxic ingredients. Cocamidopropyl betaine and tetrasodium EDTA make appearances, as do the following:

  • Sodium palm kernelate (dries skin and strips it of moisture)
  • Titanium dioxide (causes brain damage, genetic disorders and possibly cancer)

That’s not exactly stuff you’re compelled to rub all over your body, is it?

Looking for some healthy, natural shower cosmetics? Take a look at the video below!

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