Vitamin B17 is Banned Because it Treats Cancer Effectively!

One thing that’s extremely beneficial and comes in a concentrated form from apricot kernels is vitamin В17. It’s especially good if you use it properly.

The American Cancer Society as well as the Food and Drug Administration and the American Medical Association have all tried to do everything they can so they could stop people from producing films, writing books and organizing public meetings about the wonderful anticancer potential vitamin B17 has.

Medical practitioners are also very aware of this.

Still, there is one woman who used this amazing natural treatment and her type of cancer went into remission! Sadly, after she stopped taking the vitamin, the cancer returned.

This woman rejected chemotherapy. She only used vitamin B17 for 10 weeks. The effects amazed her doctors. 

She took 500 mg of this vitamin twice a day. It helped her destroy 5 malignant tumors and she lived a life free of cancer.

Take a look at this video: 

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