Video: His Eggs Are Different Colors For An Important Reason, One That Affects Your Health

If you missed it, Costco was recently ousted for lying to millions of customers about the eggs they sell. As any Costco customer would have noticed, the eggs the giant wholesaler sells are labeled as “cage free.” But when a video camera was taken into the chicken farm, we watched the horrible nightmare these chicken are forced to live through. It was disgusting.


With that in mind, it is important to know what we are eating. With reports that bacon and other processed meats are as bad for our health as cigarettes, should Americans take their diet more seriously? The answer seems to be yes if we hope to live to a ripe old age.

Since eggs are a staple at most American breakfast tables, it’s important to know how to tellthe difference between a good egg and a bad egg. And I’m not talking about spoiled food. I’m talking about how to tell if the egg you just age is loaded with vital nutrients. It’s as easy as looking at the color of the yolk…

Conventional eggs or eggs sold without any special labels on them come from chickens penned up in cages with little room to roam. They are forced to sleep and eat in their own feces and even crawl on top of dead chickens in order to get to their food, like Costco’s “Cage Free” chickens…

Thankfully, YouTube user bevyh1 decided to show us an easy way to tell how healthy the eggs we eat for breakfast are.

And as you’ll see immediately, as you watch the clip, the color of the egg’s yolk will tell you a completely different story depending on the chicken it came from.

The color of an egg’s yolk is directly related to the nutrients the hen was fed while laying the eggs. Those nutrients get passed into the egg itself and then into you.

Watch the clip below to see the difference for yourself.

According to the Broad Ripple Farmers Market, “Free-range or pastured hens have a more varied diet than factory farm hens (their feed is mostly corn), and therefore their yolks are darker and also richer in nutrients like carotenoids, omega 3s, and luteins. According to the American Egg Board, consumer preference in the U.S. is typically for light gold- or lemon-colored yolks. But is that just because yellow yolks are what we’ve become used to?”

Eggs from healthier hens will have a darker orange color. Eggs with translucent yellow yolks come from hens raised in a factory setting and are not as nutritious.

“the bottom line here is to know where your eggs come from and what the hens that lay them are eating. Do a little comparison and taste-testing to really appreciate the differences,” Broad Ripple Farmers Market continues.

Since the 5-minute video was uploaded in 2014, more than 1 million people have tuned in to see the difference between the eggs. As you’ll see, the free range chicken eggs from the farmers market look much healthier than the store bought eggs sold in a grocery store.

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