Vegan Chickpea Curry Recipe

Delicious and flavorful Vegan Chickpea Curry Recipe is full of bold flavors like thyme, Scotch Bonnet pepper, and allspice berries in creamy coconut milk.

This Vegan Chickpea Curry Recipe tastes amazing, it is so easy to make and tastes so delicious. I used the herbs and flavors that remind me of my childhood. I decided to break the main ingredients that would be found in curry powder into 3 ingredients, so anyone can make this recipe and basically get the same results.

Curry powders bought in the supermarkets have so many different translations of recipes so the outcome is usually different based on the brand you purchase. Next time you visit the supermarket, read the labels and see the different ingredients that are used.


Curry dishes are an important part of Jamaican cuisine and culture. Indians brought their cuisine with them to Jamaica over 170 years ago. It started when over 36, 000 indentured workers arrived in Jamaica between 1845 and 1911 to work on sugar plantations, after the abolition of slavery. Naturally, they brought their traditions with them including their cuisine. Many of the dishes have been modified based on the local herbs, spices that were used. For instance, thyme is the herb of choice used more often than cilantro. Coconut milk is added instead of yogurt to add a creaminess.


Chickpeas are healthy for you because they contain lots of protein, fiber, and manganese, along with antioxidants that help with weight loss and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. I like to use turmeric because of its health benefits also. Studies have shown that turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties, is a natural painkiller, slows the progression of cancer, aids in weight management, and has great healing properties. Cardamom, coriander, and cumin detoxify the body, and aids in digestion.

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