Ultimate Cancer-Fighting Drink

Yes, there is a natural way to completely protect yourself from cancer development and prevent the growth of cancer cells. All you need to do is to regularly consume this specially created cancer-fighting drink.

Ultimate Cancer-Fighting DrinkMade with only 2 ingredients and combined with water, this is one of the easiest natural cancer treatment. What makes this drink so special and why it possesses an enormous anti-cancer potential?

The secret is intertwined between the powerful combination of red cabbage and orange. The cancer-preventing effect of both red cabbage and orange is related to richness of antioxidants they possess. Without enough antioxidants, what happens is an oxidative stress which is the main risk factor for development of cancer.

According to researches conducted by U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Service, red cabbage is found to have 36 anti-cancer anthocyanins. These compounds are special types of flavonoids associated with cancer protection. Another study suggests that anthocyanins have twice the effect as compared to vitamin C. They almost instantly boost the immune system and create a perfect natural defense system.

Recent studies underline the significant role of oranges in cancer prevention. Researches believe that introduction of oranges to your diet on regular basis can prevent this disease by 50 %. Oranges strengthen the immune system and prevent tumor growth.

48 international studies on the health effects of citrus fruits were carried out by the Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation. The leading researcher Dr Baghurst points out that of all fruit, oranges have the highest level of antioxidants, which ‘mop up’ harmful toxins called free radicals. Oranges contain limonene which stimulates the antioxidant detoxification enzyme system, thus helping to stop cancer before it can even begin.


  • 1/4 red cabbage
  • 6 oranges
  • 2 glasses water


Finely chop the red cabbage, squeeze the orange juice and add the water. Using high-power blender process everything well until smooth. Consume the drink on an empty stomach throughout the day.

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