Turtle Kiwi Fruit Cake

If you’re looking for a healthier sweet treat, this Kiwi Turtle Cake will hit the spot. Try this fun recipe today. Your guests will love it and it tastes as good as it looks!

Turtle Kiwi Fruit Cake


5 bananas in thin slices

6 kiwis in thin slices
1 kiwi for the head, tail & legs
15 dates
250 ml of coconut milk


1.Blend the dates and coconut milk until you get a buttery / icing substance. Not too liquidy, not too thick.
2.Start with spreading a thin layer of icing on your plate.
3.Place in a circle a layer of banana slices and on top a layer of kiwi slices.
4.Add another icing layer, layer of bananas and kiwis and so on and so on…
5.Continue moving slowly into the center until you get half a circle / ball shape on your plate.
6. Layer the outside of the ball with your leftover coconut-date icing. Stick the thin kiwi slices all the way around, to make the green color of the turtle shell.
Carve from 1 kiwi; 4 legs, a little tail and it’s head.


Place the Turtle cake in the fridge until everyone is present and ready for their piece of healthy sweetness!

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