Triple Chocolate Dessert

Chocolate has many followers around the world and almost no one  can resist the perfect taste it offers. No matter what is its flavor, plain or enriched with hazelnuts, strawberries, biscuits etc. , people often like to indulge themselves in this sweet pleasure. Chocolate has many benefits to offer, but is should be consumed moderately so that its consumption is not in discrepancy with your healthy lifestyle.

If you are a great fan of chocolate, then this triple chocolate dessert will make your chocolate dreams come true. If you watch your weight, then make an exception and try only a spoon or two as you will not regret the remarkable taste this delicacy offers.

Make this chocolate pleasure once in a while and don’t forget to invite your dear friends or relatives so they can enjoy its taste as well.

Servings: 6


  • 16  fl oz (2 cups) low-fat whipping cream
  • 2 cups chocolate pudding
  • 20  oreo cookies or whatever vanilla-chocolate sandwich cookies you have, crushed into chunks
  • 2 bars of dark chocolate, to shave for garnish

Method of preparation:

1. Add the cold cream in a mixing bowl and begin whipping until it thickens. Put this aside.

2. Put 1 cup of the pudding in a medium bowl and then slowly add the whipped cream in order to keep a fluffy and light consistency.

3. Take 6 glasses and begin by adding the crushed cookies to the bottom of each glass.

4. Next comes the layer of the remaining pudding ( 2-3 tbsp. in each glass)

5. Then you add the mixture made out of the whipped cream and the chocolate pudding (2-3 tbs. in each glass)

6. Then again you add cookies, pudding and whipped cream to make another layers.

7. You finish with shaving dark chocolate to garnish.

8. Put it in a fridge for a while and it is ready to be served.

Enjoy your chocolate pleasure!

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