Top 6 Alkaline Foods that You Must Include in Your Diet

The typical daily food most of us consume contains mainly processed sugars, artificial sweeteners, refined cereals, meat and dairy products produced in a conventional way and hidden genetically modified organisms (GMOs). All this, combined with other factors such as lack of rest, medication and psychological stress leads to a devastating reality in which more and more people are diagnosed with chronic degenerative diseases or deadly diseases for which modern medicine has no cure.

One of the main problems is the lack of knowledge of the average consumer that the body must maintain the balance of pH value of blood at an alkaline level in order to survive.

When the body receives food, digestive and metabolic processes transform it into acidic or alkaline. Modern biochemistry explains that the acidity or alkalinity of the food does not depend on the food being acidic or alkaline, but on minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium and how they decompose in the body. Because every food contains acid and alkaline elements, the balance or imbalance is achieved as a direct result of the food we choose to consume.

Too acidic food can have many consequences for our health, for example, acidity is the primary diagnosis when it comesto diabetes. This happens because the nutrients that are needed to maintain an alkaline condition can not be provided by food, so the body is trying to pull them from its own deposits such as bones or other vital tissues, which directly reduces the possibility of self-healing of the body and detoxification of heavy metals, which in turn leads to increased vulnerability for the occurrence of fatigue and illness.

Moreover, the margin for mistake is very small. Even a pH value of 6.9 can lead to coma and death. This bring us to the ultimate goal- restoring balance. For this purpose, we present the top six alkaline foods which can be combined into everyday meals.

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