This Woman Cured Her Stage 4 Cancer With Miraculous Fruit-Based Diet

For many cancer patients, their diagnosis is simply the beginning of the end. For former model Candice-Marie Fox, however, it was the beginning of a long journey that restarted her life.

Back in 2011, Fox was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, and had surgery to remove 20-plus lumps above her left collarbone. 

A follow-up examination, however, found things were even worse than imagined. Cancer had spread to Fox’s liver as well as the back of her neck.

Doctors gave her five years to live, maximum, and only if she underwent radical chemo.

Fox, though, knew she had other options – including changing her diet and life.

Some radical changes she made:

No alcohol. No meat. A fruit-based diet, and consuming up to 3 pineapples per day.

Six months later, Fox was cancer-free.

In particular, Fox credits her excessive consumption of pineapples (alongside other fruits such as lemons, grapefruits, apples, and kiwis) for eliminating her cancer.

The real cancer-killer is in Bromelain, an enzyme housed in pineapple stems.

As it turns out, Bromelain is exceptionally effective at fighting cancer.

According to research from the Planta Medica journal, amongst other sources, Bromelain is “superior” to the chemotherapy drug 5-fluorauracil in treating cancer due to its “selective cytotoxicity”.

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Find it tough to consume large amount of pineapple? You can also reap the same benefits of Bromelain by consuming it in juice form. Rather than just having pineapple juice on its own, incorporate other fruits so that you can take in more nutrients and vitamins, and at the same time switch it up, taste-wise.

For a start, try adding citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, and limes to your pineapple juice. These fruits are known to boost immune function, and they’re also anti-angiogenic, meaning that they reduce the growth of blood vessels which act as nutrient delivery mechanisms for cancer and tumors.

Watch the video below, of interviews between Chris Wark of and Candice-Marie Fox. These interviews were conducted on two separate occasions.

You may like to watch the first video which is the short version, or the second one is the full, long version. 

This is a remarkable story!



Full version:


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