This Will De-Grime Your Oven and Leave It Sparkling. No Poison, Cheap & Easy!

The oven can get dirty easily due to the amount of food and oil that drops on it and burns. This burnt-on food can release carcinogens in the process and makes the cleaning of the appliance very difficult. There are many commercial oven cleaners that promise great results, but they contain dangerous chemicals which can harm your skin on contact, so they’re not exactly the ideal solution. Luckily, there are many cheap ingredients that can remove the stains and make your oven look as good as new!

A mixture of baking soda and vinegar may be all you need to remove even the hardest stains from your oven. The commercial oven-cleaning products contain lye and ammonia, chemicals whose fumes may enter your lungs. These fumes can linger in the oven for a long time, which makes matters worse every time you bake something in it. This is why it’s recommended to clean your oven with natural cleaning mixtures that won’t leave dangerous chemicals behind.

According to research, brands like Mr. Muscle contain toxins that can cause difficulty breathing and swelling in the throat. Some people may experience severe pain in the throat as well as a burning sensation in the eyes, ears, lips and nose when using the product. These toxins may even cause stomach ache, blood in the stool and vomiting if they enter the body. This may result in low blood pressure, fainting and organ damage, so it’s safe to say that these products should be avoided. Brands like Mr. Muscle and Easy-Off have been found to contain monoethanolamine (MEA), glycol ethers and alkyl phenol ethoxylates (APEs), which have been related to serious health problems.

Other harmful ingredients in these cleaners are butane, diethylene glycol monobutyl ether and sodium hydroxide (lye) which can burn skin on contact and may damage the organs if swallowed. Butane is a harmful substance that may induce “sudden sniffing death”. This is an onset of arrhythmia that occurs right after butane exposure and may be fatal. On the other hand, lye is a powerful ingredient that may decompose organic matter easily, and is often used to break down dead animal carcasses. It’s very cheap, so it’s present in most household cleaners.

Some ovens have a self-cleaning feature that can help, but you will need to follow the directions carefully as this may result in excess carbon monoxide, especially if you use the often a lot. Many people avoid using the feature and clean their ovens with homemade mixtures. If you decide on using the self-cleaning feature, experts recommend leaving your home in order to avoid exposure to fumes which the Teflon inside your oven releases during the process. The self-cleaning method works by heating the oven up to 600 degrees, which releases fumes that may harm your health.

Here’s how to prepare a natural oven cleaner mixture:


2 tablespoons castile liquid soap

1 ⅓ cup baking soda

6 drops orange essential oil (optional)

¼ of a cup organic white vinegar or apple cider vinegar


Preparation and use

Mix the baking soda and castile soap in a bowl well. Castile soap is chemical-free and a great scrubbing agent, while baking soda is mildly abrasive and can easily remove burnt-on food. Next, add the vinegar in the mixture and some water, then mix until you get a paste. Add the orange essential oil in the end for a nicer scent and to increase the antibacterial properties of the cleaner.

Now, apply the cleaner to your oven using a pastry brush, then brush the over until you coat it all. Leave it to work for 6-8 hours, then wipe it off with water and a sponge. Try this mixture and your oven will look as good as new!

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