This Is What Happens Inside Your Body When You Eat Pork

Some religions forbid pork meat with an explanation that this meat is unclean. There are many medical studies and experiments that support this claim as well, so there is something more behind the belief of these religions.

This Is What Happens Inside Your Body When You Eat Pork

Pigs are scavengers and tend to eat and drink virtually anything and that includes urine, feces and pungent rotten food.

These toxic substances which the pig ingests are stored in the fat cells and organs of the pig and are not digested.

A study conducted on 200 pigs uncovered that in more than 70% the very dangerous microorganism known as Yersinia enteroclitica was established.

This very nasty microorganism can instigate vomiting, fever, cramps, diarrhea and sickness in human.

The study conducted pointed out that ground pork is even more hazardous than pork chops.

In the study carried out there were a lot of contaminants found like ractoparmine. It is unbelievable that pork has this compound as it is extremely poisonous in humans and it is even banned in Europe and China.

Pigs can also transfer parasitic worms and other infections on to humans.

Taenia solium is an intestinal parasite that can lead to tissue contamination and a loss of appetite. Pork can also harbour the parasitic roundworm Trichinella whose eggs can lay dormant in the meat and be transferred to people, they can cause edema, malaise, myalgia and fever. Pork meat can also transfer to people menangle infection and jaundice.

When you cook the pork meat you are likely to eliminate most of the microorganism present but at what temperature you are required to effectively destroy the entire microorganism in the meat is still not fully known.

You can however determine the inward temperature of pork meat when cooking by making use of a thermometer.

Pork chop requires a temperature of about 145 degrees Fahrenheit while ground pork needs to be cooked for a much higher temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you must store raw pork make sure you store it from other foods that are eaten. It should never be kept with other foods that are eaten raw.

You should wash your hands very well after handling raw pork. If you must buy pork try and buy the meat without any medication, anti-toxins, chemicals and ractoparmine.

If antibiotics were used make sure you obtain a proclamation.

When you see the sign — Animal Welfare approved it simply means that diseases in the pork were treated using anti-infection agents.

The sign labelled natural does not indicate how the pigs were bred and also if antibiotics were administered.

There are major health concerns with pork even if the package is labelled 100% organic.

Pork is almost always contaminated with Trichinella spiralis or pork worm. The pork worm can be extremely dangerous to your intestinal tract. Though cooking pork at a high temperature will destroy this parasite.

The danger of getting an infection from eating pork chops or ground pork is still very high with the frequency of consumption regardless of cooking at high temperatures because of very poor standards when it comes to monitoring the feeding of pigs.

The pigs that are slaughtered are usually packed together in the stock house of a farm with little fresh air and sunshine, they are fed constantly with anti-infection agents and other medications to get them big fast for slaughter rather than with green grass. It is the commercialisation of the process for profit without proper regard for the end user that is worry some.

These pigs in the factory because they are packed together tend to eat their own vomit and feces as well as drink their urine. With little or no monitoring from the farmers. The pigs also have an increased risk of developing mange because of the lethal gas that breathes.

The pigs could also develop pneumonia prior to slaughter as a result of the ammonia in the urine and feces.

Now after seeing all the filth and health risks to pig and the possibility of transferable diseases and serious infections to humans, would you still want to munch on those pork chops?

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