This is How To Painlessly Remove Armpit Hair In Just 2 Minutes

In order to avoid unpleasant smell, it is very important to pay proper hygiene to your underarm area. Besides keeping this area clean, removing the underarm hair is also a part of your hygiene routine. There are many ways to achieve this but most of them, such as waxing, are very painful or unpleasant.

The following natural treatment has the ability to relieve your skin and provide a healthy skin complexion as well. In addition, the ingredients of this remedy contains huge amount of vitamins, minerals, and even antioxidants. Maybe you have noticed that the moment you have removed the hair in your underarms, the odor eventually go away too.
Here are the easy and cheap ways to remove your underarm hairs with no pain at all.


Lemon and Sugar

Sugar based waxing method has been used by Asian women for centuries now. This method is extremely effective and easy. Just combine at least two tablespoons of lemon juice with one tablespoon of sugar in order to create a paste. Apply this on your armpit hair and leave to work for several minutes. Remove it using a clean cloth. Do the process for about twice a week. Your underarm hair will eventually retreat each time you use this treatment.


Egg and Corn Flour

Create a paste using a piece of egg and one and a half tablespoon of corn flour. Apply this paste on your armpit and leave it until it totally dries. Wash it off with water afterwards.


Milk and Turmeric

Create a paste with a tablespoon of turmeric and at least two tablespoons of milk. Apply this on your underarm; leave it for few minutes before washing off with water.

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