This Is Amazing! Apply Vaseline For 30 Days on Your Breasts And See What Happens!

We all know that Vseline has wide range of uses. It is often used for rough skin on the elbows and ankles, for lip care, softening the skin and can be also used for some unusual purposes.

This amazing products can be also sue for increasing the cup size of your breasts. This unusual use can be perform at home, you only have to put some tooth paste on the nipples and rub the Vaseline on your breasts.

 Do this amazing technique every night until you get desired results . you will be surprised by the results!


  • Get rid of glue from the eyelashes by rubbing it on the lashes
  • After shaving
  • Make a mixture between sea salt and Vaseline and exfoliate your skin
  • Avoid spray ten streaks by putting some Vaseline on back of the knees, knees and ankles
  • Get rid of stains of make up from your clothes
  • Makes your shoes look new
  • You can also make your eyebrow plucking easier
  • Removing make-up
  • Apply some Vaseline on the teeth in order to prevent the lipstick to smudge
  • Apply some Vaseline on your neck, arms and face for soft skin
  • Apply some Vaseline on the areas where you put perfume: wrists, cleavage, neck
  • Get soft and luscious lips and cure cracked and dry lips. You can also mix Kool Powder and Vaseline and make your own lip balm
  • Or dry cuticles
  • Help your eyelashes grown and also thicken them

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