They Put A Camera Inside This School Cafeteria In Japan. My Jaw Dropped When I Saw the Video!

There are many countries worldwide where parents are more concerned with the quality of food and drink that their child eats at home. They are hardly worried or show any kind of concern on what their kids are consuming in schools. But this is not the case in Japan. This is evident from an instance at a particular school in Japan where lunch is considered more than just an act of eating. The 45 minutes lunch time in this elementary school in Saitima, Japan is transformed into an excellently crafted educational period. It appears as if they are attending a reading or a mathematics class.

They Put A Camera Inside This School Cafeteria In Japan. My Jaw Dropped When I Saw the Video!

This is one such school where students are encouraged to grow and peel their own vegetables on the farm of the school. Moreover, you will find them serving their own meals to their classmates and peers inside the classroom and also clean up everything after having lunch. This might appear surprising to you but this is the reality that is taking place in this school in Japan. The entire educational process has been planned properly so that students can have better learning experience accompanied by friendly and fun ambience.

If you minutely go through the video, you will find students are engaged in cooking fish alongside peace sauce, five vegetable soup and mashed potatoes. What is so special about the ingredients? Well, they are all home-cooked and wholesome. This video on the importance of food quality in schools has taken the internet by storm and is questioning the quality of lunch that is served in the American Elementary and High schools.

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