These Diseases Are All Caused by Microwave Ovens, and You’ve Probably Ignored Them!

One item that you can find in most homes in America is microwave oven. It is estimated that about 90% of homes in the U.S has a microwave oven. The way microwave oven works is to send microwave radiation through your food, by so doing the water molecules are made to rotate so quickly that they generate thermal energy which either heats or cooks your food from within.

The magnetron in the microwave oven generates the wave energy which transforms the polarity of the water molecules from positive into negative. While your food is heated there is also a high likelihood of structural damage to the molecules of the food.

Dr. Hans Hertel who is a food scientist and biologist from Switzerland, led a group of researchers to discover the harmful effects of microwaving foods. In a study conducted, involving eight volunteers that were given different foods to eat. They were given raw, cooked as well as microwaved foods. Under a controlled environment, the participants had their blood taken after every meal and the blood samples tested. It was observed that their blood chemistry was affected by the microwaved food each time they were tested.

Electromagnetic Radiation Is Dangerous To Your Health

Microwaving food has its health implications, here are reasons why you should not use a microwave oven and microwave your food.

  • When you take out food from your microwave oven after cooking, you may notice that some parts of the food may be better cooked than other parts. Why this happens is because microwave radiation heats up the water or moisture in the food and this moisture cannot be even all through the food. So as a result you have an uneven cooking of the food.
  • In a research conducted on the effects of microwaving breast milk, it was discovered that the breast milk lost most of its nutritional value and the natural compounds necessary for fighting and preventing diseases and infections in infants.
  • There was a case were a patient in an Oklahoma hospital, was given a blood transfusion from blood heated up in a microwave oven and as a result the patient died. This led to a lawsuit back in 1991.
  • Even way back in 1976 the Russian Government had known of the dangers of microwave ovens and prohibited it’s sale because of its adverse health implications.
  • Microwaved food can cut-off electric impulses in your brain and this can lead to severe brain damage.
  • Consuming microwaved foods regularly will increase your risk of cancer.
  • You lose majority of the vitamins and minerals in your food when you microwave it.
  • Microwaved food can cause colon cancer.
  • It increases your risk of immune system deficiencies as your serum and lymph glands get altered.
  • Microwaved food can cause poor concentration and focus, memory loss, depression and anxiety.
  • The amino acids in milk and cereal grains are made carcinogenic when you microwave them.
  • Using microwave ovens to thaw frozen foods like fruits will convert their galactoside and glucoside to carcinogenic compounds.

With the myriad of problems associated with microwaving food, it has become advisable to simply avoid using the appliance as it’s better to be safe than sorry!

The Dangers Of Microwave Ovens:

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