The Quickest and Healthiest Way to Lose Over 50 Pounds

Weight loss can be a very difficult process and we’re all aware of that. It requires motivation, change and dedication. A small amount to lose can be somehow easy, but a bigger amount is always a challenge. The easiest thing is to get started. Set up your goal and try to achieve long-term success!

How to Lose 50 Pounds or More: Get Prepared and Plan!

Any start or change signifies that you have to be prepared emotionally and also mentally. When you’re prepared, you’ll be able to acquire success faster and better. Here are some things that you need to have in mind:

1. Losing large amounts of weight is a full-time commitment.

You must be dedicated to it every day! Don’t take the weekend off! You need to have time as well as patience. Healthy weight loss goes from 0.5lbs-3lbs a week. Make sure you are consistent and you’ll have great results!

2. There is never a “perfect” time to start.

As we have already said, if you need to lose more weight, you’ll need more time. You’ll have to sacrifice some birthdays, holidays, dinners, nights out with friends or vacations. It won’t be easy definitely, but make sure you always remember your goals!

3. Recognize you will mess up.

You must be aware that there will be times when you will have to mess up. Try not to disappoint yourself and move on! Just remember your main goal and keep up your pace!

4. Your weight loss should be out of self-love.

You’ll have a negative result if you hate your body and your diet and exercises are because of that. Try to have a healthy lifestyle and love your body! Have real goals! You must start small and make sure you make one change at a time. If you make several changes, you may encounter problems. Try to add a new habit that will be healthy every week or every two weeks.

Here, we’re suggesting you 14 healthy weight loss tips that can help you start with your change!

1. Add things in before taking things away

Include new habits that will be healthier than before. You can include for example, a short walk during your break at work or drinking a glass of water plus. You’ll notice great changes after a while!

2. Start with something you like

You might as well start with some things you enjoy doing. If you like carrots, eat more of them! If you like bike riding, then ride it every day! That will help you be prepared with some more difficult changes later.

3. Make food switches

Make sure you stop eating processed foods or packaged foods. You have to eat more grains, fruits, meats, vegetables etc. Processed foods are abundant in calories, sugar and salt. But also numerous preservatives. If you try to prepare your own food at home, you’ll have a healthier diet. Avoid labels on foods which say it’s healthy, because it most certainly isn’t!

4. Eat proper portions

Try not to overeat! You have to eat properly and learn how to listen to your body! If you still feel hungry after a portioned meal, drink one glass of water. Then, wait for 20 minutes. Your stomach and your brain will have more time to understand whether you’re hungry or not.

5. Slow down

You have to pay attention to your meal and eat slowly! Chew everything very well. You’ll see how you’ll enjoy your food more. You’ll notice every smell, texture, flavor and sight!

6. Drink more water

Water is very important. When we don’t drink enough water, we become fat, sluggish and tired. Stop drinking sodas and juices and try to drink more water. You won’t feel hungry, you’ll be full of energy etc.

7. Stop putting sugar in your coffee

You must stop putting sugar in your coffee! You can use milk or creamers, though. Sugar increases your insulin and your body will have more fats.

8. Add an extra serving of vegetables each day

Vegetables are ‘a must’ if you want to lose weight, especially the leafy green ones. You’ll supply your organism with plenty of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Try to eat them more!

9. Keep alcohol to the weekends only

Alcohol contains plenty of calories. Make sure you drink only on weekends. Drink from 1 to 3 drinks. If you have good friends, they won’t push you to drink more and they’ll support you during your journey. You can also help yourself if you offer to drive on a night out.

10. Offer to bring something to dinner

You can always take something of yours to dinner! You can take whatever healthy food you choose, so you won’t feel bad to turn down the already prepared food. You must stick to your goals!

11. Take carbs out of your morning

In case you want to lose more pounds, like for example 50, you probably have a very low insulin sensitivity. Make sure you intake vegetables, healthy fats and protein for breakfast. You can also prepare a smoothie out of half a cup of low-sugar berries like: blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, cranberries and raspberries. Include greens, too. Your sleep will also be improved with this routine!

12. Get better sleep

Good quality sleep is something you must have! If you don’t sleep like that, you’ll be stressed all the time and you’ll develop chronic fatigue that will make you eat unhealthy. At that time, you’ll be hungry for sugar, carbs and fats that will give you nothing but fake energy.

13. Combine cardio and strength training

You’ll be able to burn more calories with the help of cardio workouts. Still, strength workouts are the ones that will give you stronger muscles and stronger joints, as well as improved metabolism. You can also combine the workouts. Try to find a good trainer that will help you do this.

14. Move more throughout your day

Nowadays, the modern lifestyle makes us sit more. Try to stand or walk during your breaks at work. Movement helps you burn more calories, so you’ll acquire your goal sooner and you’ll be healthier!

As you can see, it’s not impossible at all to lose a large amount of weight. Start with small steps and remain positive all the time! You’ll see that it will be the best thing you’ve done and your body will be grateful!

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