The Most Incredible Brain Boost Smoothie

The Incredible Brain Boost Smoothie

How many times you have gone through situations when you feel as if your brain was completely blocked and at the same time you have thousands more things to complete. To make the situation even worse, these things are related to deadline that you must meet and this further creates panic which creates chaos in your brain. It is time to give brain cells natural boost so they function like the flawless Swiss watch- organized and always on time. 

How about implementing blueberries and kale in your daily diet? Nutritional superstars in the fresh food world-they effectively fight the free radicals in the body and are assigned anti-aging properties particularly regarding brain.

A research published in the Journal of  Agriculture and Food Chemistry reveals that by choosing blueberries you participate in the  delay of cognitive aging due to the presence of anthocyanins which improve memory and make the brain powerful enough to process all the information. 

Blueberries are one of the richest dietary sources of antioxidants and they are ideal for sharp memory and better concentration as they stimulate the blood flow throughout the brain. Regular consumption of these blue fresh diamonds prevents Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other neurodegenerative diseases. They are also reliable solution for prevention of memory loss.

Kale is another superfood which promotes brain health and helps you keep focused. It is regarded as a brain-friendly food due to its nutritional profile necessary to create new brain cells and repair exsisting ones. The abundance of folic acid, vitamin B6 and B12 are especially important for brain function.

Kale is also known to reduce and heal brain inflammation as a result of the presence of brain-protecting carotenoids and sulforaphane. Moreover, it is loaded with amino acid l-tyrosine which is necessary for the formation of certain neurotransmitters. This amino acid is especially important for the process of learning, solving problems, decision making and remembering things. 

This recipe combines its ingredients in a clever way creating a creamy drink that will satisfy even those with high criteria regarding nutrition. This healthy beverage is ideal solution for every part of the day- healthy breakfast choice, postworkout meal, afternoon snack or even late dinner meal. 

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