The Cure For Sinusitis Is Very Simple And You Take It Only 3 Days

I acquired the illness in my childhood, resting at sea. Doctors insisted on puncture of maxillary sinuses, but I categorically denied it. The disease has changed in a chronic form. I was constantly healing, I was electrophoresed, my mother was holding my nose with a warm egg, sand, blue lamp.

The remedy for sinusitis

I grew up, but I did not get rid of the disease. Once I bought a magazine, where I found a very simple recipe for sinusitis – chew honey with a honeycomb. Since then, in case of complications cut a piece and chew for 15 minutes. The first day – every two hours, and the next three days just in the morning. And I immediately breathe easy! A drop of pharmacy, which I took many years ago, I replaced with a drop of cloves. For them, the recipe is also from that magazine. Fill 10 cloves with a spoon of boiled water. When it cools, drain and drop two drops in each nasal cavity several times a day during the acute period. This remedies helped me and those who tried this recipe after my advice. In order not to cause complications of the disease, in the cold periods of the year I do not sleep near the open window and I always keep my feet warm, even sleeping with my socks. Besides, I regularly try different breathing exercises. Keep that in mind!

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