The Best Ways To Activate Your Fat Burning Hormones

If you avoid the consumption of sweet items such as snacking, juice, dull veggies, sugar, rice and grains (carbs) and do some exercise with light weight for 30 min, you will significantly burn fat for energy and accelerate your metabolism for the following 12-48h.

Step 1 – Avoid Sugar

Try to avoid the consumption of processed and fast foods, alcohol, cookies, white sugar, grapes and bananas. You can sweeten your items with honey and stevia.

Step 2 – Eat many Veggies and Legumes

It would be ideal to consume the veggies raw or steamed. You should also replace the animal with vegetarian protein. Replace your sunflower oil with olive oil and butter with coconut oil. Try to decrease the consumption of carbs gradually.

Step 3

Do not consume any food after 7 PM or if you must consume something, eat some fresh salad. Drink organic tea or water between the meals and consume 3-5 little meals during the day.

Step 4

Start cycling, walking, running or working out and also start with juice fasting which will significantly burn your fat while you are getting enough nutrients. Do not forget that many people have treated cancer by drinking only juices (freshly squeezed).

Eat only 2 times per day and do juice fasting if you can not exercises every dat.

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