The Best Medicine Coming From Your Kitchen

The Best Medicine Coming From Your Kitchen1

You are using them every day in your kitchen and you still might not be aware of their healing power and soothing effects they have on your health. Although used in cooking due to their distinctive flavor and fragrance, next time you choose one of these 5 herbs in your kitchen, keep in mind the smart choice you are making in favor of your health.

Here are the best herbs coming from your kitchen cabinet which function as natural medicines.


The scientists at the Missouri University found out that regular consumption of parsley can inhibit the growth of breast cancer. Make sure you add parsley whenever you are given such opportunity, it goes well with salads, soups, smoothies and juices.


This incredible herb strengthens the immune system and its anti-inflammatory substances can significantly relieve asthma attacks. Rosemary acts as a stimulator which improves the function of liver and secretion of gall bladder which in turn improves the overall health condition.


Thyme is famous for its diuretic effect so it helps the body to release toxins and other harmful substances in the body. Owing to its diuretic properties, thyme is recommended for weight loss and lowering high blood pressure.

Bay Leaf

It stimulates the excretion of toxins from your body, burns fat pads, lowers blood pressure and stimulates the function of digestive system.


It is used to calm the upset stomach and to enable proper bowel movement. It is also helpful against cough and early stadium of tuberculosis. Its benefits are also used for calming nerves and prevention of kidney diseases. If you regularly consume it, it can improve appetite and help you deal with poor digestion. It is also beneficial for those suffering from insomnia and lack of energy. Tomatoes, olives and garlic are the best choices to combine with basil and to explore a completely new taste of delicacy.

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