The Best Berries for Fighting Off Free Radicals

Of all the superfoods – foods with high amounts of nutrients, especially antioxidants – berries are thought to be some of the best. They’re also some of the easiest to incorporate into your diet.

These berries come from all over the world and they’re all great for fighting off free radicals. Free radicals are the cells in your body that have become damaged as a result of your system processing oxygen. Through research, medical professionals have shown that antioxidants are the answer to healing the toxic nature of free radicals.

Acai berries come from the rainforests of South America and have been shown to help with a number of bodily processes. They’re not big berries, but they can pack a punch when it comes to dealing with arthritis, cancer, obesity, and high cholesterol. They’re a great antitoxin for overall great health. Acai berries come in smoothies and juices, but you can also eat them raw.

Blueberries are up at the top of the antioxidant consumption in the US, ranking second behind strawberries. Blueberries are a great way to get some vitamin C and K into your diet, as well as manganese and plenty of dietary fiber to reduce the risk of dementia and heart attack.

Cranberries, like blueberries, are native to North America and have been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. In addition to their potential for fighting off cancer and heart disease, they’re also excellent for the regulation of urinary health and stomach and digestive functions, as well as being able to prevent yeast infections and viral infections.

Finally, goji berries, which are originally native to the Himalayas, have been used for thousands of years by Chinese herbalists. These superfruits are great for boosting eyesight and immune function.

Herbalists even believe that they can help you live longer. This is, of course, a direct result of their high concentration of antioxidants, like vitamins B and C and beta carotene, as well as amino acids and iron. Try them dried or in juice or supplements.
[divider] For more info on the health benefits of these “super berries,” check out this infographic.

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