Take Only One Glass of This in The Morning! It Will Eliminate The Abdominal Fat From Your Body!

We all know that breakfast is the crucial meal of the day. It energizes the body and contains at least 20% of calories that people have to ingest in one day.

Today we will present you the most famous breakfast nowadays that will help you burn unwanted fat in pounds in short period of time.


This breakfast is rich in minerals and vitamins that boosts the metabolism and improve your skin and hair.

The consumption of this breakfast for a several weeks will remove the waste and toxins from your body, help you with intestinal issues and burn the excess fat.


  • 5-7 plums
  • A tsp of cocoa powder
  • A tsp of linseed
  • 2 tbsp of oats
  • 300 ml of kefir or low fat yogurt


Take a pot with 100 ml of boiling water and add the plums into it. Boil them for a few min and then let them steam for 10 min. Place the cocoa, linseed and oats in another bowl. Then, add the kefir and stir well. Slice the plums, add them into the cup, mix again and store the mixture into the refrigerator.

This breakfast should be prepared at night. You will have a tasty and healthy meal that is a real bomb when you get up. Be persistent end expect the results!

Have a nice day and enjoy your body like never before!

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