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3 Amazing Juices for Effective Cancer Prevention

More and more people are under constant attack of developing cancer disease due to improper diet, smoking cigarettes, stressful lifestyle, polluted air and environment, exposure to chemicals and radiation, genetic factors and lack

7 Tips to Help You Reduce Cancer Risk

If you are concerned about cancer, do not just sit there and hope that this can not happen to you. It can happen to anyone at any age, but the great news

Spectacular Drink that Prevents Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is malicious disease that often comes without any warning signs. It starts in the tissues of the breast and it is of vital importance to discover its existence on time

These 2 Powerful Recipes Reduce Cancer Risk by 70 % and Save Many Lives

Cancer has been on the rise recently so it is of vital importance to offer your body the best possible natural protection against development of this malicious disease. Although cancer usually strikes

Japanese Scientists with New Method for Early Diagnosis of Cancer

The National Cancer Center in Japan plans to develop a new method that would allow early diagnosis of 13 types of cancers using a simple blood test. The value of this project is immeasurable as

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