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Yummy Banana Almond Smoothie

You have been wandering around, eating whatever comes in your hands until you come across  delicious recipes that meet your impeccable taste. You are more than delighted to finally satisfy your hedonistic

Astonishing Anti-inflammatory Strawberry Cherry Smoothie

Inflammation is a process that happens within the body and if not treated on time it can have a tremendously negative effect on different parts of the body leading to many chronic

Special Occasion Smoothie

Whatever the occasion is, celebrating birthday or anniversary, giving cheers to retirement or promotion, spending time with family or friends, people tend to feel happy belonging to a good company. And when

Miraculous Drink to Treat Muscle Cramps

You have probably experienced muscle cramps or tight muscles after doing extensive exercises, fast walking or any other hard physical activity. There is a natural solution that can effectively help with this

Incredibly Refreshing Anti-Acne Smoothie

Just before going to a special event and those frustrating acne have appeared on your face all over again. It seems a bit unbearable,but to save yourself from such stressful situations in the

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