Supernatural Power of Yarrow

Supernatural Powers of Yarrow1

You can’t miss the slight  bitter taste of the yarrow, but that is the reason it is so effective for treatment of different medical conditions and diseases. Yarrow has been used  since ancient times and it is  especially famous for its healing properties.

Used as a natural remedy for wound healing, yarrow has driven the attention of many pharmacological  companies to use this beneficial herb in their products.

The regular use of yarrow will make your eyes shine brighter so it is definitely worth trying.

Here are some recipes for home use that can bring only benefits for your general health. And above all,  they are inexpensive and easy to make.

 Irresistible Homemade Schweppes

No one can resist the temptation to try the taste of well-prepared homemade Schweppes. It also known under the  name Natural Yarrow juice. It is tasty and most important….it is healthy.Are you ready to find out this  new experience ?

Supernatural Powers of Yarrow3

Serving size: 40 people


  • 30 yarrow flowers ( dried)
  • 700 ml. honey
  • 4 lemons
  • 1-2 tbsp. baking soda
  • 10 liters water


You don’t need any expertise to prepare this refreshing beverage. It is as easy as pie. In a large dish, place the dried yarrow flowers, add the water and  the  honey and stir well until the honey dissolves. Chop the lemons in small pieces and put them as well. At the end, add the baking soda which will produce the schhhhhhhh…… sound. Some bubbles may appear, but they will disappear for a while. Stir once again, close the dish and let it stay for 24 hours at room temperature. Next day, squeeze the lemons and the yarrow as hard as you can in order to fully extract their natural juices and put them away. By using tea strainer and funnel, gather the juice in bottles and close them tightly so that some air can enter the bottle.  This is very important if you want to achieve the effervescent effect of this  homemade drink.  Leave the bottles like that for day or two and afterwards move them in the fridge.You can drink whenever you like and enjoy both the taste and health benefits that this drink immensely offers.

It is a love at first gulp and that love will linger on and on…

 Note: If the amount of juice (10 liters) is too much, you can reduce the ingredients in half, but the still the result will be the same- irresistibly refreshing drink that improves your overall mood.

Although this is easy to make, it takes some time until you get the final result. If you want much quicker and more simple version, we suggest trying Multi -Purpose Yarrow Drink instead.

 Multi-Purpose Yarrow Drink


  •  dried yarrow bud
  • 500 ml. water
  • 2 tbs. lemon juice
  • 1 full tbsp. honey


First ,  make a yarrow tea  by putting small dried  yarrow bud in a boiled water and let it stay for 5-10 minutes. Then remove the yarrow bud and let the tea cool for about 20 minutes. Add honey and freshly squeezed lemon juice and stir well. Put in glasses and the refreshing drink is ready. As the name suggests this is really a multi-purpose drink.

 The Multi-purpose Yarrow drink affects health in more than one way:

  • good for sore throat
  • improves immunity
  • protects the heart
  • makes the circulation better
  • kills bad bacteria
  • reduces cold and fever duration
  • soothes flu symptoms
  • helps with infertility
  • prevention of bleeding in internal organs


Effective Yarrow Oil  for Different Medical Conditions

  • dried yarrow flowers
  • olive oil

Both the dried yarrow flowers and the olive oil are used in equal amount. First you put the yarrow flowers in a jar, then add the olive oil until it reaches the top level of the flowers. Close the jar and let it stay  like that for two weeks so that there is enough time for olive oil  to extract the healing properties of the yarrow.  Shake the jar occasionally for better results. After the period of two weeks passes, drain the oil and store it in a dark bottle or jar and it is ready for use.

 Areas of Uses of Yarrow Oil:

  • use occasionally for healing wounds, cuts  or abrasions
  • apply it as a facial mask and let it stay for 10 minutes so that the skin absorbs all the minerals essential for the skin nourishment.
  • If you have hemorrhoid  problems, first make sure they are not externally bleeding and then use the yarrow oil on cotton to apply to the infected areas. Repeat the treatment on daily basis usually before bedtime but no longer than 20 days.
  • for cold and influenza drink 1 tbsp. of the oil early in the morning
  • for kidney infection,   ½ tbs. of the oil early in the morning and ½ tbs. late at night. Increase the amount of fresh carrots and parley in your nutrition as well.

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