Spectacular Smoothie that Prevents Osteoporosis

Spectacular Smoothie that Prevents Osteoporosis

No matter whether you are young or middle-aged, it is time you make investment in your bone health in order to protect yourself from osteoporosis and fragile bones. Instead of taking pills which will slowly reflect their side effects,make some smart changes and prevent the damage to your body because now you have the chance to save your bones in a healthy manner.

All you have to do is to carefully combine the fresh ingredients that promote healthy bones. Then mix the ingredients in a healthy drink and consume this beverage as often as you can.

All the ingredients found in this drink recipe make your bones stronger and healthier.

Strawberries, for example, are not only delicious healthy snack but also have a wide range of health benefits. They are abundant with Vitamin C, calcium, potassium and manganese which are really helpful when it comes to prevention of osteoporosis.  All these components increase bone density and neutralize acidity, assist in connective tissues and bone formation and maintain the strength of the bones.

Anthocyanins found in strawberries have been proved to reduce inflammation within the cells and significantly alleviate the symptoms of people already suffering from osteoporosis and arthritis. They also eliminate cancer-causing free radicals so by consuming them you get the opportunity to improve your overall health as well.

Foods high in sugar, phosphoric acid from sodas, bad fats and sodium all reflect in poor bone health. Make sure you include fresh food in your diet and in that way you reduce the chances for bone fractures and osteoporosis.

The drink we suggest  is very easy to make and with regular consumption you can slow down osteoporosis and preserve your bone health.


  • 2 cups strawberries
  • 1 apple
  • 1 peach ( if you don’t have this, you can replace it with apple )
  • 1 orange
  • 1 tbs. ground flax seeds


Squeeze the orange and mix it with the remaining ingredients in a blender. Blend for a while and pour in glasses. Enjoy the incredible taste !

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