Smoothie to Satisfy Your Hunger and Help Lose Extra Pounds

Want to lose weight, but feel hungry all the time? What you can do to control your appetite so that you help your body to start losing the unwanted pounds you so desperately want to get rid of ?

Smoothie to Satisfy Your Hunger and Help Lose Extra Pounds

The fatty acids we consume in our diet affect whether we gain or lose weight. So how to use certain kinds of fats to stop feeling hungry and stimulate thermogenic fat burning process at the same time?

Studies have demonstrated that monounsaturated fats like oleic acid found in avocado are much more likely to be utilized by your body as a slow burning energy source than saturated fat. Another study publish in Nutrition Journal shows that eating just one-half of a fresh avocado with lunch may satiate you if you’re overweight, which will help prevent unnecessary snacking later.

Citrus fruits are great source of vitamin C which is essential for help you boost metabolism and start losing some pounds. Include them often in different meals you prepare and make your weight loss journey really enjoyable.

Kale-banana combination is great to successfully manage your weight. This combination is excellent choice to make every time you feel hungry and want to suppress appetite so that you don’t eat all the time. Both ingredients are rich in nutrients that will ramp up your metabolism which will lead to more effective weight loss as well as fat loss.

Consume any time of the day, whenever you feel you can’t control your hunger. It is highly recommended to avoid eating late and night, so consuming this smoothie is a wonderful opportunity to satisfy your hunger and at the same time to burn some calories.


  • 1/2 avocado
  • 2 kale leaves
  • 1 banana
  • 1 orange, squeezed or 1 lemon
  • 1/3 cup coconut milk ( you can replace it with water)


Place the ingredients from the recipe in a blender and blend for a while until the texture is smooth enough. If you like your smooth thinner, just add a little bit water.

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