Six Signs Which Warn You That The Liver Makes You Fat Because Is Full Of Toxins

The role of the liver is to cleanse the body from the toxins in it, so it is very important that it functions optimally. In case of excessive fat deposits in it, or 5 to 10 percents more than normally, one develops a fatty liver disease.

This disease can be alcoholic, which is caused by the excessive alcohol consumption, and non-alcoholic, which is a result of high cholesterol or genetics.

These are the 6 main signs that your liver needs cleansing as soon as possible:

Chronic fatigue

Toxic deposits in the body lead to muscle pain, mood swings, depression, and fatigue.

Excessive sweating

The reduced liver function elevates body temperature, causing excessive sweating.

Sudden weight gain

The excessive fat and toxic accumulation in the body prevents weight control, and one starts to gain weight.


In case of a proper liver function, it uses antibodies to destroy allergens. Yet, the body keeps the allergens in case of a reduced liver function, and the brain produces histamine, that leads to itchiness, headaches, and allergies.


Liver malfunctioning might also lead to hormonal imbalances, which causes acne.

Bad breath

Liver issues are often manifested by bad breath, even though you regularly brush the teeth.

Yet, the function of the liver can be improved with the help of a proper diet. Increase the intake of healthy foods, like bananas, ginger, dandelion, etc.

We suggest the following recipe that will optimize the function of this important organ:

Mix some ginger root with one banana, a spoon of dandelion root, some Greek yogurt, and 2 teaspoons of peanut butter in a blender. Then, consume it twice daily, and you will experience amazing health benefits.


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