Silence The Ear Ringing With These 5 Science-Proven Remedies

Have you ever sat in a silent room and heard some ringing in your ears? For some, this is not so faint and for some it is different. This is more like a roar, shriek  or such. This is tinnitus, issue affecting almost 50 million USA people.

Silence The Ear Ringing With These 5 Science-Proven Remedies

Many of those who have this always get drugs and meds but they have no effect and have many side effects. So here are the 5 best alternative cures. Read on more.


This is defined like ringing feeling in the ears and is not from outside source. The noise most experience is like a ring and can be even cringing, hissing, whistling and such and also increases volume too.

For some people this is chronic and for some in episodes. It is most severe when there is almost complete silence in a room or when you read, or try to sleep. In rare cases, the sound is in sync with the pulse.

The common cause is longer period exposure to loud noises. This occurs in nightclubs, concerts, construction sites, riding bikes or being near loud devices too.

The noise makes permanent damage to cells in the inner ear and this makes tinnitus and even hear loss. Even one such extreme exposure makes tinnitus.

Loud noises are common for this problem, but there may be other causes too:

  • Blockage in the ear by wax excess, infections or benign tumor
  • Drugs like aspirin, anti-inflammatory, sedative or antidepressant
  • Aging
  • Menier’s disease
  • Otosclerosis
  • Head or neck injury

To fight this, many take drugs and deal somehow. But these meds are not effective and even increase the problem.

The good part is that many alternative methods cure this and relieve it and have little or no side effects.


Studies said this method is good here. An expert of acupuncture of traditional Chinese medicine made difference between various tinnitus kinds and the curing focused on obstruction in the ear channel. Basic acupuncture may need 10-15 sessions to see results. This targets the scalp especially.


The ginko biloba is a herbal medicine for better blood flow and brain/head health. it cures tinnitus from blood flow problems. It is best to take 240 mg ginko pill daily. Also after 6 weeks you will see results. When this is done, have doses of 40-60 mg daily.


This is a method for relieving congestion in the tube behind ear drums and will drain fluid from the ear. This treats tinnitus in ears, throat, nose and upper respiration tract. For this method, have clean hands. Open the mouth and out the index finger in the back molar area on the side. Behind the molars is a curved bone flesh covered, this makes you open and close the jaws. Go even further back to find a tendon and beyond it is the tongue root and Eustachian tube. Stroke this gently for 20 seconds and repeat on the other side. Do this for a week and resolve this issue. If you feel bad yourself, let naturopath do this.


B12 and zinc are best at noise related tinnitus curing and in people deficit in these minerals. Studies said zinc for age related tinnitus is vital. Have 90-150 mg for 6 months. Also have zinc like lozenges but they have strange taste so if you do not lack zinc, avoid this. B12 deficit is seen in people who have tinnitus of loud noises. Every week injections of 1000 mg B12 can reduce the signs. Studies said oral consuming B12 also helps, so take 100 mcg daily.


This helps too and suppresses the noise here. Tinnitus is prevalent with no or little noise and white noise machine means making noises like rain or ocean waves that help.

If this keeps you awake, use a white noise machine  with pillow speakers. If you do not want this, fans, air conditioner, dehumidifier and humidifier also work good. Hearing aids can be good too.


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