Shocked oncologists accidentally discovered: This grass can kill cancer for 48 hours?!

Practically causes a “suicide” of cancer cells, without any effect on healthy cells, as is the case with the chemotherapy.

A group of scientists from the University of Windsor in Canada in 2009 began to explore different herbs to treat a cancer. It all started when an oncologist noticed an interesting relationship in patients suffering from cancer, and it is a grass and dandelion root.

During his work, Dr. Pamela Ovade revealed amazing anticancer properties of dandelion.

“One oncologist who worked with us, revealed a significant increase in patients who daily drank tea made from dandelion root. We immediately started to investigate this tea to see how the other patients react to it, but we were pretty skeptical, “she told her.

“I thought that dandelion grows everywhere, and if there is something good in it, people would have long ago discovered,” recalls Ovade.

They started with research and testing activities on the patients, and all of them were shocked!

“Since we started this project, we were able to get an extract of dandelion root and apply it to different types of human cancer in the laboratory. In the laboratory, we observed its efficacy against leukemia cells, cancer of colon and pancreatic carcinomas as well as chronic myelomonocytic leukemia.

We’ve found that dandelion root has very strong effect on them without damaging healthy cells. Moreover, studies have confirmed the efficacy in mice transplanted human cancer cells “, explained the doctor.

Dandelion root extract is approved for human testing in early 2015 and is now in the first phase of research in the treatment of terminal stages of cancer of the blood, such as leukemia and lymphoma.

The leader of the project, Dr. Sciarra Pandi, a chemist and biochemist at the same university, also claims that dandelion root extract has a very good potential to kill cancer cells, and for only 48 hours.

How the extract acts?

The extract of dandelion and its root cause apoptosis of cancer cells, or its programmed death, which is in fact the natural process of removal of the cells from the body of the organism when they are not needed.

In other words, the extract practically causes a “suicide” of cancer cells, without any effect on healthy cells, as is the case with the chemotherapy. It is important to note that the treatment requires a higher concentration of the extract than is currently permitted for use.

Although still in the research phase, the researchers argue that dandelion extract and its roots could be a future treatment for cancer.

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