Rihanna Reveals Her Secret of Getting Sexy Bikini Body and Flat Stomach

Rihanna is one of the most successful women in Hollywood. Her potential has marked her generation and the ones coming long after it. She has always been a sex symbol and a muse to many designers wanting her to mark their creations.

She has been blessed with a gorgeous body and face, but that does not mean she does not work hard to keep it that way. She knows that her type of work requires a healthy and disciplined nutritional diet plan. That is why she takes her time to include healthy foods in her diet and organizes her priorities when it comes to her looks.

This celebrity follows a strict ”5 meals a day” schedule that she carefully plans out every single day by combining healthy food choices with intensive workouts. Rihanna’s diet consists of low carb foods, fish, as source of healthy fats, proteins and eggs for excellent functioning metabolism.

In addition, she implements the consumption of warm lemon water every morning, which is a natural diuretic, and cleanses her entire body leaving her sugar levels in balance.

She as a woman is no stranger to the yoyo effect that the body creates due to the superstar’s life. She was once caught inhaling a bag of fries without actual fries in it. The controversy behind this unusual incident is, as she confirmed, that in order to get rid of fast food cravings, she simply indulges herself into the aroma of high calorie foods, so that she could trick her mind into thinking it consumed it. This is probably one of those ”desperate-times-call-for-desperate-measures” type of situations.

Even though a superstar, she is only human, so she can not get away with inhaling food instead of consuming it, so she has a strict diet. She avoids carbohydrates and stocks up on protein and fibre, as she needs the energy for her workouts as well as performances on stage.

She enjoys having green smoothies as breakfast, salads or Greek yoghurt with berries if she is in a rush, and grilled chicken or fish with steamed vegetables for dinner. As a snack, she eats organic guacamole or various types of fruits.

Her calorie consumption stretches from about 1200 to 1500 calories per day, accompanied by strenuous workouts.

Besides her occasional strange rituals, like all stars, Rihanna tends to rely on her personal fitness trainer to keep her on track and motivated in order to achieve her impeccable body figure. She does cardio and pilates exercises on a daily basis.

She is also very active, as she practices vigorously choreographed dances, which have certainly toned her body in the course of her career.  She comes from the exotic Barbados, where she learned to be active, swim and surf regularly, which is why her body looks like being sculptured.

She practices a very balanced combination of the right nutrients, which makes her workout even more effective.She also enjoys vegetables and fruits combined in smoothies, although she is prone to an occasional fad as we all are.

To sum up, she stays motivated and tries to keep herself busy, so she does not end up binging out of pure boredom, which is something that everyone who wants to lose weight should have in mind.

Try not to eat if you are bored, find always something that interests you, just have fun. And now, here is her famous diet plan so you can get a better idea of her diet, in case you want to include it into your daily eating routine.

Rihanna’s Diet Plan

Breakfast usually consists of:

  • pineapple or apple
  • warm water and lemon
  • egg whites


  • Potatoes
  • Fish

Allowed Snacks:

  • berries
  • a handful of salted crackers
  • low carb snack bars
  • almonds


  • green salad
  • fish
  • mushroom omelette

Try her way of eating and see if you get the wanted results. It is definitely worth trying as you have nothing to lose.

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