Revolutionary Nail Polish! It Can Save Women From Any Sexual Assault!

When choosing a nail polish women usually look at its color and the time it needs to dry. However, nail polish won’t only make your nails look beautiful but also it can actually save you from becoming victim of a date rape and any kind of sexual assault.

Nowadays, date rape has become so widespread and people with evil intents tend to slip some drugs into women’s drinks. So, how could women feel safe if every drink is a potential threat?

The Revolutionary Invention

That’s the main reason why four young inventors came up with the idea to prevent the sexual assault before it happens. They have designed a type of nail polish that can warn women if there is some drug in their drinks.

In fact, this nail polish called Undercover Colors, changes its color when exposed to drugs. For instance, its ingredients can detect the presence of Xanax, the popular date rape drug.

So, the women just have to dip one finger into a drink in order to trigger any reaction of the nail polish. If there is some harmful drug, the nail polish will switch its color in the very moment.

The best thing about this revolutionary product is that women won’t draw to much attention upon themselves while doing this act.

Unfortunately, this nail polish is not put into mass production yet but it will definitely become available in the near future. However, this is a fantastic product that will save the lives of many women around the world.

Also, there is a possibility of a clear version of this particular nail polish because not only women but men are often victims of a date rape.

So, this revolutionary invention not only impressed most of the people but it might change the whole world.

Source Relay Hero | 10 Viral

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