Remedy With 3 Ingredients To Eliminate Toenail Fungus For Lifetime

Toenail fungus is also known as onychomycosis. It includes inflammation, pain, swelling of the toe, yellowing, thickening, and crumbling of the nail. This condition occurs because of abnormal pH of the skin, frequent moisture exposure, wearing synthetic socks, low immunity, sweat buildup in the shoes, poor foot hygiene, or poor circulation.


Toenail fungus can be treated with topical treatments, oral anti-fungal medicine, and sometimes even with surgical removal of the nail. Certainly, there may occur some side effects of these medications, such as trouble breathing, swelling of the mouth or face, hives, rashes, blisters, headaches, dizziness, nausea, loss of appetite, liver damage, weight gain, fatigue, heart problems, fever, diarrhea, and more pain.

It can be treated with traditional herbal medicine and without any side effects. This herbal medicine uses natural oils, fruit juices, and dry goods.

We’re here presenting you a very effective natural remedy. Take a look!

You need:

  • 90% ethyl alcohol
  • Hydrogen peroxide (oxygenated water)
  • White vinegar

How to prepare this remedy?

Use a glass container to mix all the ingredients in equal amounts in the exact order as we mentioned above.

Then, take a cotton ball and apply this mixture to the affected nail two times a day. Let it stay like that for 15 minutes and then remove it using warm water. After that, dry the nails well.

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