Red Moles Are Disappearing With These 3 Natural Remedies

The good news is that there are natural, non-invasive ways to remove these skin changes that can be applied at home, but only after the doctor confirms that they are harmless so no further testing is required. As you notice any abnormalities in relation to these moles or with the skin in their vicinity, be sure to seek medical help.


Certain garlic enzymes act on a group of cells that form a pathological skin change. With the weakening of the intercellular bonds, the pigmentation of the skin is normalized, so that the moles fade and slowly disappear.


Apply little Vaseline on the surface around the mole so that the skin is protected from the strong effect of garlic. Cut the garlic well and put it on the red mole, cover it with a bandage, fasten it and let it work for four to five hours. Repeat the procedure daily for several days until the red mole does not fall off. Be sure to remove the bandage before sleeping so that the skin can breathe.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar contains apple and acetic acid, which softens the visibility of the red moles, cleanses and tones the skin. This vinegar has proven to be a great tool against warts and other types of moles, acne, and rashes.


With Vaseline, apply the area of healthy skin around the red mole. On a piece of cotton drop a little apple cider vinegar, cover it with it, fasten it with a bandage and let it work for half an hour. Repeat the procedure three times a day for approximately seven days. The mole will eventually dry out and it will fall off. Note: do not rub it, but leave it alone to fall off.

Castor oil and baking soda

Castor oil dissolves the pathological changes of the skin, and in combination with baking soda, it has been shown to be effective in removing various skin changes. Although it takes time to act, this combination is very effective and does not leave any scars on the skin.


Mix a few drops of castor oil with a baking soda. With this mixture grease the angiomas and let it act overnight. Repeat the procedure for a few days until the mole disappears.

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