Put Salt in Your Shampoo Before Showering. This Simple Trick Solves One of the Biggest Hair Problems!

If you want to improve your hair health, stimulate hair growth, and mend some scalp issues, you do not have to use expensive cosmetic products. Instead, there is a simple and natural ingredient which can help you prevent hair loss and defeat itchy and acne scalp. Believe it or not, that one ingredient is salt.

Put Salt in Your Shampoo Before Showering. This Simple Trick Solves One of the Biggest Hair Problems

 Salt is a great ingredient for scalp scrub. It will remove the dead skin cells by exfoliating the skin. Moreover, the salt will moisturize the skin, eliminate dandruff, and remove the excess oil from the hair.


When choosing a salt for your hair, it is important to pick the proper type. Although every salt contains sodium chloride (NaCl), there are 4 major types of salt:

  • Stone salt (from salt quarries);
  • Extracted salt (from salted solutions);
  • Sea salt (the most useful is Dead Sea salt);
  • Sedimentary, Rock Salt (from the bottom of lakes with high salinity);

The stone salt or Himalayan salt contains 85% sodium chloride and over 80+ minerals. Hence, it is great for balancing the pH level, eliminating toxins, regulating water content, and preventing muscle cramping. The Kosher salt is an edible salt with a much larger grain size than some common table salt. Same as the table salt, it contains only sodium chloride. Likewise, the sea salt is mostly just sodium chloride. However, it may also contain potassium, iron, and zinc. The sedimentary salt is the most beneficial kind for cosmetic uses because its composition is enriched with minerals. Thus, it has sodium iodides, carbonates, fluorides and other chemical compounds.

All in all, seal salt is the most beneficial salt for strengthening the hair follicle and nourishing the scalp. Even though we can use any salt, because main active substance for our purpose is NaCl, to treat hair loss we can also use iodized table salt.


Using salt for the hair treatment will revitalize the hair follicles, stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, promote hair growth, and increase volume. Due to the calcium content, sea salt will cleanse the pores and strengthen the cell membranes. Magnesium is a great anti-allergic agent and bromine heals and relieves disorders. Moreover, sodium chloride will nourish and hydrate the skin cells and remove toxic waste.

All you should do is add 2-3 teaspoons of salt in your shampoo and wash the hair. You will notice the results after a few treatments and the hair will be healthy with no excess of oil.

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