President Trump Wages War On Big Pharma: Give Us The Cure For Cancer!

The new American president Donald Trump has just given hope to millions of Americans suffering from cancer. A few days ago, Trump has promised faster approval for some of the “hidden drugs” for terminal illnesses. He told the directors of the leading American pharmaceutical companies that the time has come for them to release the so-called “hidden drugs” to the public.

President Trump Wages War On Big Pharma- Give Us The Cure For Cancer

“They come up with a new drug for a patient that is terminal and the FDA say we can’t approve the drug, we don’t know if the drug is going to work,” Trump explained. “But the patient is going to die in four weeks and they say we don’t want to harm the patient, but the patient isn’t going to live for more than four weeks.”

The new American president has promised to speed up the approval process so terminal patients can get the appropriate therapy. “So we’re going to change a lot of the rules. You’re going to get your prices either approved, or not approved, but it’s not going to take 15 years,” Trump said, and also vowed to lower the astronomical prices for medications.

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