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Living in the 21 st century and being constantly exposed to toxic substances such as pesticides from fruits and vegetables, carbon monoxide from traffic fumes, preservatives in canned food, excessive medicine, byproducts of smoking and alcohol or drug use, people often need to detoxify their bodies in order to prevent these dangerous substances to cause further damage.

Modern day societies usually experience heavy air pollution which further burdens the normal function of the human body. What you can do to help yourself eliminate all possible threats inside your body is to resort to fresh organic food. We highly recommend consumption of organic food and increase of water intake. Avoid eating processed food as much as possible.

Here is a healthy juice recipe that will help you get rid of unwanted toxins accumulated in your body. It consists of superfoods that enable your body the best possible natural detoxification.

The fresh ingredients in the juice play major role in prevention of diseases or recovery from them.

All the ingredients in this healthy recipe are excellent solution for flushing out harmful substances. Moreover these ingredients have proved successful in prevention of cancer development as their compounds kill cancerous cells and stop the growth of malignant tumors.

Loaded with energy booster nutrients, this beverage is beneficial for overall health.

It will nourish your body by providing it with the necessary vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, while at the same time it will offer complete detox and cleansing of colon, liver and kidneys.

This perfect detox drink will increase your self-confidence as it will make you healthier, boost immunity and help you get glowing skin.

Equip your body with the best natural defense and prepare this incredibly healthy juice recipe.

The best results for full detox are achieved if you take the juice twice a day, early in the morning and as a late dinner meal in a period of 10 days.

Serving Size-2


  • 3-4 beetroots
  • half a bunch cilantro
  • half a bunch parsley
  • 1 lemon
  • medium-sized ginger
  • 1/2 tbsp. turmeric


Soak the turmeric in the freshly squeezed lemon juice. Let this stay for 30 minutes so it releases all the powerful compounds. Mix this with the grated ginger and let it stay for another 30 minutes. Then combine the mixture with the remaining ingredients ( beetroots, cilantro and parley) and juice everything well. This drink should be consumed immediately.

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