Place Salt In The Shampoo And Solve This Hair Problem Immediately

The table salt or white salt is sodium chloride, a chemical item that is in the salt families. Also, sea salt, bay salt or solar salt is made of evaporated sea water.

Place Salt In The Shampoo And Solve This Hair Problem Immediately

Salt is crucial for people in general. It is used for cooking daily, also for other uses too. but it can be a beauty item as well. Put salt in some items and benefit a lot, especially for the hair.



This is due to overactive oil glands in the scalp that make too much sebum. The good part is that you can solve this with salt. Add 3 tbsp in the shampoo and wash the hair. Results are seen after few usages.


This is the scalp layer where dead skin cells are formed. The salt can make better blood flow and remove those flakes on the scalp skin. Also the scalp will be safe from fungi attacks, so just divide the hair with sections, sprinkle 2 tsp salt and massage with damp wet fingers. After 10 min wash it.


Sea salt is amazing for this use. If you have alopecia, make the hair grow again with this salt. Massage the scalp while wet and after 15 min wash the hair. Do this 2 times per week and after 2 months you will be amazed.



Salt is amazing for the body and face. For soft smooth skin, mix sea salt and 2 tsp coconut oil. Mix well and gently massage the skin with this mix. Dead cells will be removed and also the skin will be left shiny and soft. After this, use shower gel.


For sensitive or dry skin this is great. Soothe the irritated skin and also remove inflammation. Also oil will be controlled and the skin will be moisturized. Mix 2 tsp sea salt and 4 tsp honey. Apply on clean skin and not the eyes! After 15 min, rinse the face.


Also the toner with salt can seep in the pores and cleanse them well. The oil will be leveled too and no more bacteria will cause acne. Make this toner and also mix 1 tsp salt and 4 oz warm water. With a spray bottle, apply it 2 times daily on a clean dry skin. No spraying on the eyes.


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