Perfect Smoothie for Every Part of the Day

Perfect Smoothie for Every Part of the DayLooking for a perfect meal that will satisfy all your needs for every part of the day? Looking for something delicious, healthy and easy to make? Here is a smoothie recipe that you can prepare in a minute or two. It consists of several ingredients that provide your body with significant amount of vitamins and minerals beneficial for overall health.

All you need is a simple list that consists of bananas, oranges, lemon, ginger and ground seeds.The perfect combination gives a natural sweetness of the recipe and  it abounds with favorable effects on different organs of the body. It improves digestion, prevents muscle cramps, lifts your spirits, builds strong bones and it is heart-friendly.

This mixture is appropriate for any age and don’t hesitate to prepare this recipe for breakfast or light dinner or as a healthy snacks between meals. It can serve as an excellent addition to your pre-workout activities or as a refreshing beverage after going through a hard day.

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