Palmolive Contains Cancer-Causing Chemicals! 5 Brands You Should Avoid

With the huge range of dishwasher soaps to chose from, it’s hard to know which one is right for you, but beware when choosing as many of them are filled with toxic chemicals that may be harmful to your health.


Many of the most well known brands sell products full of harmful ingredients, which can be easily absorbed through the skin, and residues are often left on your dishes and cutlery which can then get into the body through cross contamination.

 Palmolive, owned by Colgate is one brand you should avoid. It is in the top 5 brands in the world meaning millions of people have been exposed to it’s toxic content.

5 Reasons to Avoid Palmolive

1. Silicate Salts
Has been known to cause respiratory damage and damage to the lungs. When exposed to the skin and eyes can cause severe redness and itching, with eye contact possibly causing eye tissue damage.

2. Formaldehyde
A known carcinogen which affects the respiratory and organ system. Palmolive have vowed to completely remove it from their products by the end of 2017, but for now it’s still in there.

3. Sulfuric Acid
Carcinogenic in large amounts, can also lead to respiratory effects, allergies, and skin irritation.

4. Fragrances
Fragrances can be irritating to those with allergies and can cause skin irritations.

5. Ammonium Sulfate
Can cause damage to vision, and caused respiratory prorblems which led to cardiac arrests in rabbits.

Alternative Dish Soap Brands

5 Brands to Use
  •     Seventh Generation
  •     Better Life
  •     Puracy
  •     Ecover
  •     Method
5 Brands to Avoid
  •     Dawn
  •     Legacy of Clean
  •     Meyers
  •     Ajax
  •     Cucina

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